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Genres: Rock, Hard Rock, Grindcore, Heavy Metal, Punk/New Wave, Punk, Alternative Pop/Rock, Hardcore Punk, Power Pop, Ska Revival, Post-Punk, Proto-Punk, Oi!, Garage Rock Revival, Post-Hardcore, Blues-Rock, Surf, Rock & Roll/Roots, Punk Metal, Thrash...
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Punk revealed during asbestose poisoning. Post punk, HC beats and dark rockandroll. Fast and vocationally new oleros, they combine sharp guitars and low frequency synths.

A new band formed by musicians that come from bands like Los Harakiri or Perro Mojado, who offer an appetizing 7-inch vinyl, with a beautiful aesthetic in the folder and a healthy content.

From the Nasrid kingdom of Granada and via Al-Ándalus, members of garage sugarcane bands, such as Los Harakiri or Perro Mojado, make this interesting musical proposal emerge, in the form of a punk band, with a name as picturesque and intricate as Uralita and Los Fibroskeletons; but, at the same time with that 80s aroma and reference that is appreciated, when it recalls the most underground sounds of after punk or new wave; as is the case and it comes in such extremely fresh pills, in the form of irreverent, carefree songs, with that sinister touch or dark touch and certain hints of black humor, which can immerse the listener or audience in dimensions in a quite gratifying and terrifyingly underground way. .

The band is made up of three people who call themselves: Alba Uralita (voice and keyboards), Antonio el Deshollinador (guitar and vocals) and Álvaro Tapiador (drums and backing vocals). Atypical grouping depending on how you look at it, as they lack bass, although the keyboard of the vocalist Alba, emphatically fills and achieves the necessary atmospheres, perfect for lovers of the most irreverent sounds of the eighties. Covered by Antonio's reverberating guitar and Álvaro's percussion rhythm on the drumsticks. The alchemy and superpowers of the band lie in a strange affection caused by asbestos, which will lead them to join forces and fight the evil installed in their city, based on good doses of punk. Sharp guitars and low-frequency synths.

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'Nociones sobre amianto' EP VINYL
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