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Bands, Artists and Musicians

Abrasive Wheels Leeds, United Kingdom.
Abrasive Wheels Leeds, United Kingdom.
A Human and His STDs Santa Maria, California, USA
Adept Anderson, Indiana, USA.
Blunt UK Punk In LA.
Boys on the Docks Kaposvar, Hungary.
Breech Los Angeles, USA.
The Broadsiders Dallas, Texas, USA.
Crashed Out.
The Deep Sea Goes Los Angelese, California, USA.
Ferengata Tampa, Florida, USA.
GFI Oceanside, California, USA.
Muddy River Nightmare Band Portland, Oregon, USA
Overflow Koprivnica/Varazdin, Croatia

Friends, Sponsors and Supporters of Underground Music

BR Zadeli Design Santa Ana, California.
Can Pipe Records Santa Ana, California.
Discos Dehoy Puerto Rico.
Dr. Strange Records Alta Loma, California.
Global Jiu Jitsu Academy - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Costa Mesa, California.
Hits the Spot Media Santa Ana, California.
Indie Bible
Justice Howard - Incredible Photography! Las Vegas, Nevada.
Mohawk Records Santa Ana, California.
Punk77 - A complete history of UK Punk 1976-79. Sights, sounds & opinions.
Punk Rock Review Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Warbird Entertainment ATlanta, Georgia.
Why Stop at White Lynnwood, California.


Angry Records Alessandria, Italy.
Basement Records La Habra, California.
Calls and Correspondence Records
Can Pipe Records Santa Ana, California.
Dr. Strange Records Alta Loma, California.
Mohawk Records Santa Ana, California.
No Fashion HC Records Santa Barbara D'Oeste, Brasil.
Psychore Records California.
SideOneDummy Records Los Angeles, California.
StarDumb Records Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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Abrasive Wheels
Abrasive Wheels
the Puppet Master
the Puppet Master
Common Enemy
Common Enemy