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  • MOTORHEAD, 2015 IES HONOREES & 22ND ALBUM - by Bruce Forrest

  • MOTORHEAD, 2015 IES HONOREES & 22ND ALBUMMOTORHEAD They say that at the end of the world, when civilization and all of its technology has been blown apart by nuclear destruction, cockroaches will likely be the only survivors. Someone... more
      - Posted 8 years ago -

  • And let me tell you something, I am more pissed off than ever. Not that you really missed me or probably even remember who the fuck i am. I'll tell you who I am believe you me. Most of you... more
      - Posted 12 years ago -
  • love. Love. LOVE!!! - by John David Smiley

  • love. Love. LOVE!!!Love really does kinda suck from time to time. It’s no wonder why love and death are the most covered subjects in poetry, because they both hurt like hell. You see, my girlfriend of eight years... more
      - Posted 14 years ago -
  • Elitist Attitudes - by Hawkeye

  • Elitist AttitudesI don't really even know how to start this article, except that for once I actually agree with some things that someone else said. Whatever your views on gay marriage/rights are, Huff & Stuff... more
      - Posted 14 years ago -

  • And when i came to, i was ejaculating into her mouth, intensely. But when did this night begin? Were the answers stored somewhere in my subconcious? Had i taken pictures or scribbled the... more
      - Posted 14 years ago -
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    3. Punk Against Fascism - Part IIAtox - Violencia (BRA)158
    4. Punk Against Fascism - Part VTCZ&TMP - Destrozando el olvido (SP)158
    5. Punk Against Fascism - Part IIIO Leopardo - Cai fora (BRA)153
    6. Punk Against Fascism - Part IIJarrea! - Gas nuclear (SP)153
    7. SOBRAS DEL DESCONTENTOA veces el humanx148
    8. ALGO TOXICOInmorálica146
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