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The Vultures (sweden)
Thrash / Punk / Hardcore / Grindcore

Borås, Other

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Was formed in the city of Borås, Sweden in early spring 2004. The main runners of this band is Henke Rock & Linkan Rock. The sound of The Vultures is a mix of punk/trash punk/hardccore/speedcore/grindcore and even post punk with their roots based in old acts such as GG Allin and Rupture (AUS), SS Decontrol and newer acts like Brody's Militia, NSS, Widespread Bloodshed (hailing from Sweden too) etc.

Their history began with a demo called "Domination" which was released at the end of 2004. (5 songs of pure punk rock and I thank you Henke for letting me have this though it's no longer aviable), this demo did not really set the standard on how this band was supposed to be, it was maybe the most drunk ass recording this writer has ever heard! Other projects had been canned before this one came out. The Domination demo was recorded by Henke and Linkan themselves using the computer (called fuckup) to do the drums. It all turned out, well, fucing ass drunk! The demo did still recive quite a bit of good feedback! This demo is no longer aviable, and even if the band is not really that old, this one is kind of a fun thing to own!

After the release of the first demo the band got some repuation and rather good reviews mostly everywhere which inspired both Linkan and Henke too start and work on some more material in the veins of real music.

** Demo number 2 was released during 2005 called "Strangers To The World" and by this time they actually stayed less drunk and the recording went really well. It recived great reviews mostly everywhere and on this one you could clearly hear the veins of GG Allin pounding out in the music.

*** Demo Numero 3 was also made called "Go Punk Yourself". This demo kind of took the band in a little more agressive direction then the previous two. The demo contained more american HC/punk trash feeling over it, but of course it still had the punk rock feeling!

After this demo it went quite from the band, no updates, no nothing - I began to wonder if they was aleady letting it go - or maybe they just puked themselves to death.. but haha! oh no! these fucking guys did not go and die! I found out they had also released a two song thing called "the masturbation session", that was only aviable thru their webpage.

**** Redefintion Of Destrucion was released in 2007and this time it went even harder! Some people call this demo a black metal punk release! Yeah the voice do sound like some Norwegian Black Metal singer but hell, it fits nice to their booze soaked music!

From this time forward the band had generated a good listerner base worldwide, which is growing for every release! I guess these guys would have no problem in getting live gigs, the problem they DO have is the fact they are just two people, but as they toldm e to write in my history article here; Anyone interested in helping out on Bass and Drums write to them! Anyhow, continuing on with my history tale;

Lied To and Ignored followed as the bands debut CD in 2008, this CD took the world by storm sort of! The punk trash and HC mood was really into this one but of course Henke and Linkan still treated the good old fashioned punk music with respect.

The rest is in the future.. Vultures will probably amase us with music we don't knew excisted and find new ways of mixing raw, fast punk, punk trash, harcore, speedcore togheter in various ways.

If I would write my personal thoughts about this band and where Henke and Linkan is taking it, I would say they will release whatever music they wanna release, kinda like good old fashioned Rupture (AUS) or GG Allin for that matter! Some ppl say they lost their touch with their so booze filled visions! I say its stronger than ever! kanpai!!

// A True Vultures Listerner Somehwere in the world [2008.11.28]

!!!!!Henke & Linkan would like to thank this truly amasing guy that has written all this down! Thx a bunch rock 'n roll brother!!!!!!

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