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Stormy Banda & the Jerkoffs
Scumbag Rock / Punk / Rock / Other

San Jose, California
United States

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blood, piss, stains, sweat, cuts, bruises, broken glass, broken microphones, broken drumsticks, riots, shady places and shadier people, scum rock, lacerations, safety pins, retox, dehab, anonymous girls, anonymous meetings, masturbation, abuse, misuse, self destruction, noise, needles, sex, submission, dominance, staph infections, freshly shaved anything, burnt rubber, gas stations, gasoline and the smell of it, spit, chafed labia, a-cups, bubblegum flavored lip gloss, skinned knees and faces, auto-erotic asphyxiation, scars, dirty panties, duct tape, Dog-Days, the smell of spilt beer, feedback, foul language, hearing loss, girls, pig tails, malted milkshakes, hot summer nights, full moons, groovy motherfuckers, bloody tongues, open sores, group hugs, nightmare on any street, pussy, trains, fingercuffs , handcuffs, fellatio, cunnilingus, bandAIDS, short sets, taco bell, Fishnets, red wings, brown wings, coitus interruptus, blisters, fisting, fingering, excess, gumption, dirty love letters, broken dreams, broken hymens, self-mutilation, insomnia, halloween candy, porn, double cheeseburgers, furburgers, nickel arcades, sunday night oldies, drive-in movies, 7-11s, liquor stores, loitering, skate and destroy, rocking n’ rolling, country music, freedom of speech, jail-bait, fast food, flea markets, automodown, baseball bats, knives, & fully automatic weapons, suicidal, black coffee, black leather, chevrolet not ford, finger bangin’ in public, bacon & eggs, drink fight fuck, easy women, pleading the fifth, that thing we used to call the constitution, black eyes and busted knuckles, cat fishin’ and snipe hunting, record players, bear skin rugs, and revenge…never forget revenge
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All This & More41
Back Alley Cunt38

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Stormy Banda & the Jerkoffs are a Rock N' Roll band. We don't give a fuck about what "scene" you're part of, your political views, or your bullshit. We are here to destroy.

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