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Leeds, Yorkshire

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Formed in early 95 by Mark(bass/vocals), Cliffy(vocals/guitar) Des(drums) and aided and abetted with lyrics and encouragement by Cliffy's wife Allison, Mutt began their short but illustrious career in a warehouse in bradford. With a few songs under their belt they arranged a proper rehearsal space and recruited an old mate, Witty to beef up the guitars and provide the fiddly bits in the middle of the songs. Then just as things were really coming together Des decided to leave. Quickly finding a replacement in the form of Durtii Mac, Mutt wasted no time in polishing the half a dozen songs they had and heading into the studio to record what would become their first demo tape "Fuck it" and, later on, the four track Retro E.P on local label Peter Bower. They quickly established them selves on the local punk scene with their short and chaotic sets of powerful 80's style punk. Durtii Mac then decided to head off for pastures and original drummer Des came back into the fold. Back into the studio they went and recorded "Talkin Shite" another 10 tracks of blistering punk rock. But cracks were begining to show and Des decided to fuck off again. After what seemed a long and fruitless search the drumming duties were eventually taken over by Bedz. The lads carried on gigging but the early momentum was beginning to slow. In late 97 Bedz decided to leave and this proved to be the final blow, with the rest of the lads throwing the towel in not long after. Check out for more songs and videos..... Cheers

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