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Charm City Saints
Punk / Oi / Folk and Traditional / Hardcore

Baltimore, Maryland
United States

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"Hooligans and Saints" is the 2nd official release from Charm City Saints, the Baltimore, MD based band, that coalesce Traditional Celtic music with the raw explosive energy of Punk Rock.

"Hooligans and Saints" is the long awaited follow up to their 2005 release "Never Go Home Again", which propelled them to the forefront of the Celtic Punk scene back in 2005, which also landed them a number 6 slot for the best Celtic Album of that year. That 2005 release took the genre by storm and caught the attention of indie film maker John Fitzgerald who featured a Charm City Saints song in his 2006 documentary about baseball in Ireland titled The Emerald Diamond. In 2007, Charm City Saints provided 343 Films with the opening score to their comedy hit Vollies. Now in 2008, Charm City Saints are about to unleash one of the most original albums in it’s genre. "Hooligans and Saints" is filled with melodic catchy hooks while still maintaining that raw gritty energy that is associated with Punk Rock. Melding Traditional instruments like the fiddle, mandolin, tin whistle, bouzouki and accordion with blazing guitars, shattering bass and thunderous drums, Charm City Saints forging a new path for the next generation of Celtic punk rockers!

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Generally Available January - October /Looking for Festivals, Pubs, Colleges, Punk Venues

Management & U.S. Booking: Size 10 Entertainment -

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