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Under Pressure
Punk / Alternative / Pop Punk

Novi Sad, Other

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Serbian punk band which was formed by Tatjana, Oliver and Gacha in the summer 2001. First 6 months was spent in finding members. In the begining band was playing punk covers of pop- rocks hits such as 4 Non Blonds, Roxette, Iggy Pop, but that wasn't last long. In the summer 2002. band was giving up of pop-rock covers and start to play their own songs. This is very rare punk band in Serbia. Their music is mix of an old British punk and new wave. Their lyrics are mostly social and about things that band don't like – politicians, war, corruption, nacionalism, rasism etc. Demo with 3 songs was recorded in 2003. Along with our drummer problems, the band continues to make it's first album Finally (April-August 2006.) Album was recorded in Studio X, aka at Lobanja's, who also did the production. There are fifteen songs on the album.

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Posted: Saturday November 01, 2008 04:10


Look at this! Demo "Rehearsals At The Gravity"

The new site promo O_o

long live rock&Roll!


Fish and the CrawDaddys
Fish and the CrawDaddys
Posted: Tuesday June 17, 2008 09:49

Hi Under pressure.

Whats new?


Le Bastard
Le Bastard
Posted: Thursday May 29, 2008 07:44

Fuck Yeah! Donkey Smell for the Add, Yo. Stay Cool. See Ya next year! XoXoxO