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Gandhis Revenge
Hardcore / Thrash / Punk

Almere, Other
Netherlands, The

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Drugs, booze, bad times and good mates
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Gandhi's Revenge - A New Way107
Gandhi's Revenge - Fluffy72
Gandhi's Revenge - Kill The Nazis63
Gandhi's Revenge - Viva Almere79

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In the shadows of the twentieth century two blokes came together to start up a band. Not much later Niels joined Joey & Marijn in this unorganised bunch of rubbish. Because everybody played guitar Nelis (Niels) stole his little brothers bass-guitar and Joey started shouting & screaming. Just one drummer. After Bart shortly played with the three blokes, who by now called themselves "The Rubbish" there was another wanker that just fitted in good enough. So HaMisH joined up 'cause luckily he (didn't) knew how to drum.

After a high-speed start (first gig within two months after the formation), it was time for a demo tape. At this point the irritations grew to a new height and Joey decided to quit the band. Now HaMisH took over the vocals, while Pib & Marijn started backing. After a couple of gigs the band’s name had changed into “Gandhi’s Revenge”.

Meanwhile the style changed into a more aggressive sound. We also found a new bass-player in the person of Leon, so we’re back in a 4 person formation with Pib (Nelis) going back joining Marijn on guitar. One month later we went into the studio for the first time to record a second demo, whilst making ourselves ready for our first poldertour with BIER.

After this tour and some odd gigs later it was time for a break from each other. Starting up again a few months later came together with the not so very joyful news that Leon wouldn't be returning to the band. So off we went again in search for a new fourth shitface, who was found in long-time drink and band friend: Buur! Not much later came the conclusion that Gandhis needed a new drummer, who was found in Guyon. After a while of rehearsing we found our first gig with this line-up in Liverpool, our first UK trip was a fact.

Of course this didn’t last too long, Marijn left the band to focus on his study. Though we found an extra shouter in Tak we were still a guitarist short which was found in another mate: Crack. Also we’ve gained a following of idiots who seem to like us, must be tone deaf though, cause we never played in tune. But people still just came for the buzz, and the knowledge that they would have a great night, listening to these idiots playing.

This is what and who we are now, six idiots having fun and getting drunk and stoned while playing some gigs. Nobody knows what will happen next and nobody really gives a fuck.

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