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Band Account Questons

How do I get my band on the World Famous MohawkRadio Stream?

All bands are allowed one song to be added to the MohawkRadio Stream

  • This automated feature is currently under construction

  • For now, to have your band added to the MohawkRadio Stream, email with the name of your band and song you would like streamed.
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By uploading music to the MohawkRadio website, you agree to all of the terms. band accounts are for MUSICIANS or their respective agents, NOT FANS. Uploading music you did not create is a violation of MohawkRadio's Terms of Use and may be against the law. If you are not the musician who created the song, or, that musician's agent, DO NOT UPLOAD IT. Having purchased a CD legally or having purchased an MP3 from ITUNES, DOES NOT permit you to upload music to If you violate this rule, your account may be deleted. respect all copyright laws. Please do the same.

For further information, please read our terms.
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