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Author Topic: "Colección de Kretinos Vol. 1 & 2"
Dirty Sánches
Dirty Sánches
Posted: Tue. Jul 26, 2016 4:00 PM

In the begining, the idea for the collection, since he began to take shape in late 2011 and early 2012. It was basically try to post at least one annual. Herculean work and objective, especially taking into account; underperforms the economic times and the fatal tendency; generated in part by the abuse of multinationals regarding trade and incidentally inflated margins, have "marginalized" to the darkest ostracism underground scene. To this end, it has created a huge legion, not to say a whole generation of people; that nothing, valued independent and non-commercial projects. Much less they take into account the whole creative process and finally the diffuser or promotional, until made to the record. With the economic sacrifices of self, that lead by the artists themselves, publishers; each with their contributions and often, as a "capitalize" their own work, in the form of mutual support, exposing end, against all odds, these recording projects.

For the first volume, counted with the participation of experienced band Malformaciones Kongenitas from Tenerife (Canary Islands); the atypical Spanish-German punks The Castro Zombies & The Mutant Phlegm; the punk band the Catalan Pyrenees L’Autista Punk i Els Adherits and from Murcia, Sobredosis. Arts and pencils of album were of Bellvi, Catalan illustrator and designer and photojournalist by MB Neave. Also, to dress like never before the booklet of the album, did a great job in complementing the same, thanks to comic books, articles, poster-calendar and other "posters" for the "extra" fanzine at the number # 1 the collection. The collection was based on interviews and phone calls, at the beginning of 2012 and practically ending the year they were already en route to distributors, media and the bands own records, to complete the natural cycle of creation, production and broadcasting. Comment that the charge to equalize and mastering the sound was Salva Martinez, both for the first volume, and for that since July this practically has begun to spread through the Internet at official stands of big festivals or fairs, as promo and draw some radio programs national and international level, specially from South Of America. We must comment that the criticisms in two volumes, always have been very great and commending the work Videosound manager.

As remarkable and is in fact support to the seals and Andalusian records labels Collector's Series and A Trankas y Barrankas, from the beginnings of this collection, thanks to the work of joint publication and distribution by: El Lokal from Raval (Barcelona, Catalonia), Kamilosetas Muskaria, Basura Komercial and La Factoria del Ritmo. Precisely for certain that occurred when configuring problems, what would be the final squad of the second volume. It was delayed both their preparation and searching for a band that finally completed the roster of groups shared album and the idea of representing a particular scene geographically. Finally, it decided to release the record only with the two seals and Andalusian records, which originated the collection, with the support of the bands in such work and the invaluable help of Punk Craft Workshop Sara (Enatizo). For art, this time, counted for the second volume, with the multidisciplinary artist of underground comic and musician Pagés (El Placer De Estar Sin Ti) and Litros PK, which supported coloring, maquetando and designing the libretto, following a little line "anti-hero" from the first album. Then we will present to the participating bands in this highly anticipated and long-awaited album; the truth, it was hard to get, between the initial problems in setting up the final scheme, as to the bands, issues related to publishing, including a setback at the factory, which eventually offset by increased circulation.

“Coleccion de Kretinos Vol. 1” CD Punk split with Malformaciones Kongenitas (Canary Islands), The Castro Zombies & The Mutant Phlegm (Andalusia), Sobredosis (Murcia) and L'Autista Punk i Els Adherits (Catalonia). 20 issues great punk rock, new songs and remastered by Salva Martinez from Videosound. Pencils and arts by Bellvi, design by MB Neave Art.

"Colección de Kretinos Vol. 2" CD Punk split with ENATIZO (Aragon), COMBATE WC (Canary Islands), JARREA (Andalusia) and ENERGÚMENOS (Catalonia). 20 issues fast and furious punk, new songs and remastered for the occasion by the great Salva Martínez from Videosound. Pencils by Pagés and Litros-PK, that designed the cover as idea of “Antihero”.

In short, a compiled or better I like to define this type of compilation volumes, which more than collection, is a shared work. Based on shared physical space on a disk, sharing costs of editing, sharing sacrifice, enthusiasm and work-based mutual support and camaraderie. And of course, the fact of joining forces, including groups, distros, labels or artists and media, to get projects like this so laborious and complicated to perform. Complicated, yes, but not impossible. If you want to know more about the bands and other staff who have participated in this volume in particular, do not hesitate to contact us at the following contacts.

Credits & Record Labels from Vol.1:
From MALAGA, Collector’s Series:
From SEVILLE, A Trankas y Barrankas:
From BARCELONA, El Lokal:
From LLEIDA, Kamilosetas Muskaria:
From MADRID, Basura Comercial:

Credits & Record Labels from Vol.2:
Collector’s Series: ó
A Trankas y Barrankas: ó
Works Sara Minguella:

Another link of interest:

Text by Obstinato