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Author Topic: WE NEED SOME HELP!!!!
Posted: Sun. May 17, 2009 11:10 PM

First of all, we really hate to be so upfront about our situation. But it's extremely hard booking a tour in the states all the way from Puerto Rico. We've been trying to book a few states on the eastcoast for some time now and no one has been willing to help us out.

We're on tour with another band from Buffalo, New York called Able Danger. They're really good friends of ours but they haven't got many contacts around the states.

We plan to hit up the states from June 3 to june 20. I know it's a bit soon but we'd really love to hit up some spots.

If there's anything you guys can do to help us out, it would be totally AWESOME!!!

Here are the myspace's of both bands:



thanks for everything!!!!

-casper (kdc)