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Author Topic: new released: Punk Contra O Fascismo (Brasilian & Spanish bands)
Posted: Mon. Jun 4, 2018 5:35 PM

New released: Punk Contra O Fascismo (split Collector's Series DIY from Spain / Efeito Colateral from Brazil)

VV.AA. - “Punk Contra O Fascismo” - Efeito Colateral / Collector's Series DIY 2018. [CS-048]

Split project by Brazilian and Spanish collectives and artists with the idea of positioning themselves against any means of oppression or inequality, against so much ambiguous and falsely apolitical current, hiding behind the always recurrent punk nihilism. The cover is inspired by Pere Catalá Roca. Photographer and documentalist and during the civil war, he was working at the service of republican propaganda, dealing with the editions of the Propaganda Commission of the Generalitat of Catalonia. From this period dates precisely the famous poster ¡Aixafem el feixisme! (Let's crush fascism!), Which is one of the first posters made with a photographic technique.

Links free for download: