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And let me tell you something, I am more pissed off than ever. Not that you really missed me or probably even remember who the fuck i am. I'll tell you who I am believe you me. Most of you probably look in the mirror with your fucking mohawks (before you all get in a tittie twist, most girls look hot and some of you dudes might actually be true punks) studded leather jackets, haven't showered in days, with patches embroided on your backs with the names of bands you never will understand. That being said I hope this little rant finds you well. I only rant because I am a sell out.....yes i am, i sold out to the man and signed my life over to the united states government. Before you try and perfect your fake english snarl (that is if you can actually read to begin with), let me just say that i have a even greater enemy than the fakes freaks that i see on a daily basis and have to entertain at my glorious high paying, suckfest of a job. That my droogs, is our own government. At least I will say that most of you aren't fooled by the widely criticized story of September 11th. No....Al Queda In Iziz, did not commit that crime. Our own government did. You want to know the real story? Well I'm not really sure what that is, except what I've learned in my experience with the Army. I am smart enough to hold too "thinking mos's" as they call it. I am an intelligence analyst and a psychological operations specialist. One knows the truth the other hides it. One gathers and deciphers information and the other promotes propaganda and employs the use of nasty interrogation tactics. The reason why I said I have sold out is because, i believe this is all very necessary. Not 9-11, don't get me wrong, the true responsible parties will eventually get theirs. Propaganda is all around you. Everything is a conrtol measure. From the commercials you watch to the magazines you read and the news at five with Ron Burgundy and Tits Mcgee. The movies made are conditioning factors as we like to call it in the propaganda world. They are meant to desensitize you or apall you. Think of it this way, 30 years ago all commercials had white families smiling with white picket fences. Today you would be hard pressed to find a white person in a commercial. Right there if there was anyone getting angry i got something for you in another rant you mindless fucks. This to me is not a bad thing. What is bad, is these godless gallup polls on CNN and FOX news telling you that the majority of white fat america is agreeing with one thing or another. Bullshit, they do not conduct surveys, its make you fell a certain way and modify your behavior. We are in Iraq for oil? That was the lie within the lie. We wanted to go fuck Saddam up for no reason other than he got too big of a slimy walrus head on his chubby smooth shoulders. If it was the case, gas wouldn't be as high as it is in this country when we have the highest amount of reserves in the world, and (the company name escapes me, sorry) had the largest profits in years while we fingerbanged ourselves to make ends meet. Afganistan? Easy....Poppy plants. Does anyone know what is made from poppy plants. We want to control the drug trade and the oil trade. And we also have a war in this country over spring water. If you do anything right in your life tomorrow or the next day, boycott the water bottles for a bit. The fucking freaks walk into towns and turn them into a drought stricken mess, while coke, pepsi, and nestle pump thousands of gallons of water a day for free. Yes I said for free. Not one penny goes back into the town it comes from. Fuck gas prices for two reasons for a second....Number one, water goes for about 5 to six dollars a gallon. Number two, in england (last i checked) gas was like 4.5 pounds a liter....thats about 18 dollars a gallon (last time i checked). There is more than meets your tiny little pupils going on in this country. Go read a fucking book, pick up a discover magazine, whatever. If you aren't angry you are ignorant. And if you don't know what you are angry at, youre a fucking waste of life. Educate yourselves my brothers and sisters. There will be more anger spewing forth sooner than later from me.

Go look up these documentarys for your own good

"food inc." "loose change" "tapped"

expand your horizons and stop hating others for the way they look and if they suck dick or suck pussy....its none of your fucking business how people live their lives. and not every body who has dark skin and a turban is the taliban....actually they have completely different accents and are lighter skinned.

Geek Boy Out

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