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Anti Social Degenerates -"From Chaos To Whenever"
Anti Social Degenerates -"From Chaos To Whenever"

Anti Social Degenerates -"From Chaos To Whenever" (4/5) This album arrived just in time. I was seriously starting to think that real punk bands had gone the way of the Do-Do bird. This album's sound brings me back to the days of DRI, Angry Samoans, The Meatmen, etc... The guitar has a dark sinister sound on most of the songs, the lyrics are harsh and politically incorrect, while the beats lead the band in full speed frenzy. This album is distorted and dissonant music, full of anger and attitude. If you're like me and miss this type of no holds bar style of punk or want to experience it get this CD ASAP. Once you get it put it into your stereo and blast the motherfucker as loud as it will go. Before you know it there will be a full blown circle pit in your living room.

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