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Non Radio Friendly
Non Radio Friendly

Non-Radio Friendly “DEMO” At first listen I’m optimistic. That didn’t last very long. Self-indulgent, I guess some would/could call it music, set to the most under produced, repetitive, freshman backbeat. Maybe self-indulgent is the wrong term but I really hate accidentally reading someone’s diary. The lyrics are heavy and in a bad way, dead people, etc. My hang up is it seems the band is going for the “under produced” sound, as if they’re doing something new and by “under producing” their record “intentionally” they don’t have to answer the question, why does your record suck? But is “sucking” relevant here? No, it’s a matter of taste and opinion. The FACTS about this record, what we can prove, is that it does not entertain. It brings you down into this guy’s dark closet where he cries every morning while getting drunk before school. So, if you’re into that—have at it but Non Radio Friendly is not contributing anything RELEVANT to the music community. Don’t quit yer jab at Sears, boys! Ahoy! Ryan Rude

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