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For.The.Win. – “The Black & The Blue”
For.The.Win. – “The Black & The Blue”

For.The.Win. – “The Black & The Blue” Do you like hard hitting throaty punk rock with melodic gang vocals that DOES NOT come off sounding like frat rock? While the music is fast and furious, it drips with mouth-watering harmonies, and the lyrics are a thoughtful analysis of modern society. Traditionally straightforward punk lyrics typically means the meaning won’t be lost in idiomatic expression and this album hits in right between the ears with simple by meaningful lyrics. Overall the entire album is dripping with a Fuck You attitude with blood pumping energy that makes you want to nod along or bust out some old school mosh pit moves. Obviously I’m really digging this album and think this album could easily appeal to a large array of punk fans from multiple punk sub genres from the 80’s hardcore fans (Side by Side, Gorilla Biscuits, Circle Jerks) through the 90’s Fat Wreck Cords crowd (NUFN, Good Riddence, Propaghandi) , up to today’s hard hitters (Incommunicado, Oxymoron, or even Off With Their Heads) The stand out songs on this album for me are “Another Day”, “Neckline”, “”i’m An Outsider” & “Dirty Rock & Roll”. If you’re ready to get your balls rock off, buy this album. Definately one of my top 10 albums of 2009 and there are a lot of good releases in 2009. 5/5

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