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As was written in the classic book “American Hardcore”, Void is one of those bands you either love or hate. No middle ground. Now, I’m well aware that Void is an old band, circa 1983 or so. But I’m not 21 anymore, I’ve lost most of my hair and you’ll forgive me if I don’t walk the streets in a Capitalist Casualties t-shirt. That being said…

Recently, I was relegated to the bus system because of a driver’s license suspension that I won’t go into here. Well, at least the cops didn’t find the more damning evidence in the back seat but, anyway, I’m on the bus recently, ok? Now, the Void album is self titled and tragically, part of the Faith/Void split album. I liked Faith once. I don’t now. So the only way to get to Void is through Faith. Hmmm, how esoteric.

I grabbed a seat by the window, plugged my iPod in and searched for something to soundtrack the ride. I scrolled through Bauhaus and Swans, Dead Kennedys and TSOL but nothing seemed right. Until, at the bottom, Void. It had been a while since I heard them and I gave it a shot.

Within seconds I felt like it was about time to start breaking bus windows or at least throwing the driver out the door and commandeering the bus myself. Into a wall. It was beautiful. Void are loose compared to the obvious, like Fear and even more so than Crucifix. All the power in the world is packed into two minute explosions that sound as if they’re going to descend into a violent chaos with no mercy for your ears. For me, punk (and all music for that matter) should have a sense of urgency to really matter. Void’s sense of urgency is so potent, it sounds like they’re in the middle of a riot.

It contains all the angst, anger, depression, alienation and pain that good punk should. They are pissed off and at that age when knowing how to “deal with it” isn’t conceivable. They never fit into the DC scene despite being from Virginia. They dropped acid, drank and didn’t sound like Minor Threat or SOA. Their sound is the three seconds before a devastating car crash. If their equipment survived the studio, I’d be surprised.

Rage, pure and simple. And just enough control on it to make it work. Any less control and it becomes a Whitehouse record. Whether you throw bricks through windows or not, I highly recommend Void to know how it feels. A great album by a great band that deserves much more than it got.

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