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Moral Decline
Moral Decline

"When you don't control your own government, people want to kill you!"

Male, 22 years old
United States

Status Unknown

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Favorite Bands: Bad Brains GBH A Global Threat Bad Religion Krum Bums Ramones Agnostic Front Black Flag Gang Green Suburban Lockdown Blood For Blood Murphys Law Inspecter 7 Rancid Strung Out The Addicts Monster Squad
Favorite Movies: Clockwork Orange Scarface Boondock Saints Beer League Beerfest Haggard Flip Sorry Yeah Right Zero Dying To Live I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell
Favorite Television: Flat Screen
Favorite Books: The Dictionary. Playboy. I hope they serve Beer in Hell

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Moral Decline is a 4 piece punk band hailing from Orlando Florida. Formed in 2001, Moral Decline first exploded on the local, and then state punk scenes with their incredibly fast, raw, and furious style of street punk rock n roll, winning over audiences with their machine gunning guitars, Precis precision and inhuman speed on drums, ferocious accuracy of blasting bass, dirty vocals, and their notoriously wild live shows. the band has no time for the mid-tempo, harmonized pop-punk that has infected music as of late. In 2003, the band went on its first national tour up the east coast. although the past seven years have been eventful in the touring department. Past endeavors have seen the band out on the road with major acts like Murphy’s Law, Gang Green, The Freeze, The Dogs, Street Dogs, Clt 45, Inspecter 7, GWAR, Lower Class Brats, Krum Bums, Dead City With Cheetah Chrome, Flatfoot 56, Te Krazy, The F Bombers, L.E.S. Stitches, 76% uncertain, Brewtality Inc, The Ghouls, Abrasive Wheels, Agnostic Front, Finnal Summation, the Queers, Dark Buster, I.R.A., Strike Anywhere, Attitude, Dead Hearts, Whole Wheat Bread, Street Dogs, Iron Cross, Toxic Reason, Turbo a/c's Evacuate, Resilience, The Adicts, Subzero, Suburban Lockdown, Lucky Scars, and many others. Moral Decline’s sound can be described many ways, but has to be heard to completely understand. It has drawn comparisons to A Global Threat, Old Unseen, Minor Threat, Pennywise, ect. Its truly is a Unique style of punk rock that cannot be compared to only one band. The intensity of the music is brought forth by all of the members of Moral Decline working seamlessly together, especially in their live show. Their raw and furious style is showcased without reserve on the band's latest offering, 'Get outta the way!'..One of the hardest working and touring young bands today, this record takes no prisoners and nobody is safe from the band's cynical attacks on government, trends, and pop culture. Some standout tracks include 'Emo: Cut to Cure', a song pleading for the attention seekers who threaten suicide to just hurry up and do it already, 'What's Wrong with America', a song expressing dissatisfaction with the failure of government the last 10 years, and 'Where's Your Head?', a song dealing with watching those you care about become mindless junkies and not having the power to help. The album as a whole is very fast and brutal and the boys of MD will be on tour in a city near you this summer to show you exactly what destruction sounds like on tape. All members have touring pro-level equipment. Band gear is manufactured by Marshall, Tama, Hartke, Sabian, Peavey, Jim Dunlop, Fender, Gibson and SLM.


Dave Decline - bass/vocals Dave is the bassist and lead vocalist in MD. His raspy, lightning fast vocals make the music attack your ears with a ferocity only matched by that of his machine-gun fast 4 string picking. Dave is 21, and his activities outside of Moral Decline include: sleeping with hookers, terrorizing children, fighting, smoking copious amounts of a certain green substance, and drinking until he pisses in his pants.

Preston- guitar Preston plays lead guitars and sings backup vocals. His metal influences are obvious in MD, as the solos and lead lines he plays are reminiscent of the sound a baby being disemboweled by pit bulls would make. When not stomping sonic balls, Preston’s hobbies are: working for EA, drinking, woman-hating, and smoking drugs.

Lou - guitar ‘Lindy’ Louis is the rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist in MD. At 25, his take no prisoners guitar playing adds a thickness to the band that few others are able to replicate. When he’s not beefing up the music, Louis can be found lounging comfortably around the nearest drunk tank waiting to be bailed out.

Kevin - drums / Mouth Pleasures> Kevin is 22 and the drummer of Moral Decline. His rapid fire pummeling of the skins is unique and viciously intense. When he’s not studying until his eyes bleed, Kevin can be found behaving like a gorilla in public, or inappropriately touching women at nice clubs.

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