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United Kingdom

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Knee Deep first began way back in 2001, spearheaded by founders Ben Wiles and Paul Gooding. They set up in Bens garage after meeting a guy called Dan, who showed them a few chords on a guitar. Ben was hooked straight away but Paul didn’t want to play guitar so Ben convinced him to get a bass, which he did. Ben told me his first guitar was a real piece of shit that he brought from some shady guy in ippo, it had a swastika logo carved into it which really pissed him off. He tried for weeks to get that thing off, so he decided he didn’t want to play a guitar that had that logo on it anymore. So he got a new one followed by a brand new amp and they were good to go. While all this was going on Ben had almost became housebound, quitting work and living of nothing at all so he could write songs. That’s what he did 24-7, drawing influences from U.S. punk bands like Pennywise, Anti-flag, and NOFX, to local punk bands like Red Flag 77 and Junk Culture and a lot of political bands and or singers like Bob Dylan, Billy Brag and WoodyGuthrie

So a year went by with them just playing songs in a garage Paul and Ben were both keen b.m.xers and one day someone was talking about knee deep on the Ipswich skate park message board, which attracted the attention of local skater and guitarist Tom Edwards (meat city) who also happened to know how to play drums. They got talking with him and hooked up to write what is now the to ’whom it may concern’ ep

Following that Paul and Ben wanted to play some gigs, Tom agreed so they drafted in another bmxer called Sam dines (No Routine) to play guitar and within about 3 weeks they had there first gig at the Drum and Monkey (rip) with Dyslexic 7 and No Routine, they went down a storm. Two days after they got booked for a show at the Pool Club with No Routine Dyslexic 7 and another band that no one can remember.

By then they had a few gigs booked playing with big local bands like the Ballistics Love Junk and Red Flag 77, bands that they had looked up to for years. Sadly after playing those shows, Sam decided to part company with the band and that killed all the enthusiasm for the boys, Tom left soon after that. But still being really good mates with Paul and Ben and still is to this day. A few months went by trying out new people to form different band. Smithy (Lovejunk) told us about a guy he knew called Dave. He was a drummer, they tried him out and straight away knew he was the one. They decided to ditch all the old Kneedeep songs and start a fresh, but Ben said he wanted to keep the name Kneedeep because it felt like the old band again we soon got a guy we knew as spen on guitar and we were good to go they then got to work and recorded there first l/p entittled (sign the flag in blood) wich continues to sell well to this day kneedeep ended in 2006 and remainsunfound were formed but the talks are begining for a come back

(2008) kneedeep are back with the founding memebers ben and paul at the helm they are writting as we talk and playing some old songs aswell along with mac and steve who they have brought in from remainsunfound and marc seaman who they have know for ages so strap yourselfs in because its gonna be one hell of a ride see you soon peace out kneedeeparmy

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sign the flag in blood (2005) corndog records CD

sign the flag in blood (2005) corndog records
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to whom it may concern (2001) corndog records CD

to whom it may concern (2001) corndog records
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house of frauds (2003) corndog records CD

house of frauds (2003) corndog records
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