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Perth, Other
United Kingdom

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Minor Threat,Bad Brains,Gorilla Biscuts,Floorpunch,Discharge,Naplam Death,Anti-Schism,Aus Rotten,Waking The Cadaver,The Locust,Sonic Boom Six,Bun Dem Out,Loads of Drink & Weed,Touring
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Mafafi are a fast,aggresive hardcore punk band from perth scotland formed in 2005. We have realesed 3 demos Mon Doon The Dancin in (2005) and In Mono (2007) and Cocktail For Violence (2007) Unrelised. We have managed to squeeze 2 mini tours and 2 uk tours in the space of 2years also managing to play random shows up and down the uk.

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The Disadvantaged
The Disadvantaged
Posted: Tuesday March 17, 2009 03:23

Yo, hows things?
sorry, just doing a bit of mindless promotion.

We're a Punk/SKA/Rap band,
we just finished recording our FREE 6 track EP.
If your keen to download it, just follow the link!!



Music should be free!!
Cheers n beers

Rich Z
Rich Z
Posted: Monday April 14, 2008 06:10

Mafafi1 rules!