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The Kings Kids
Punk / Christian / Rock

Salinas, California
United States

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Jesus Christ, The Clash, The Ramones, Johnny Cash, Swingin' Utters, Street Dogs.
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15 years ago The Kings Kids - "Urgency!" Jonny Taint
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The King’s Kids was an idea born in the summer of 2004 at that year’s Spirit West Coast Concert in Monterey, California. Noticing a lack of punk bands on stage, but a surplus of punks in the crowd, Jason Martinez (a veteran punk rocker himself), decided that he would try and form a Christian punk band of his own. The name came from his long-time friend Kenneth Penn who used to always tell him, “No matter how hard life gets always remember…you’re one of the king’s kids.” In his hometown of Salinas, California, Jason placed an ad in the local music store and soon hooked up with bassist Andrew Eclavea. The pair wrote a few songs while recruiting a guitar player and a drummer to round out the band. A few guitar players came and went, and just when it seemed that they would never find someone to fit their sound, young Josh Galvan answered the ad and agreed to jam with Jason, Andrew and new drummer Ted Smith. The boys clicked instantly. It was obvious at this point that Josh’s energy and enthusiasm was the driving sound they needed. The next couple of years involved writing more songs, playing live shows and preparing to record the elusive first album. In 2007, the band received some bad news when bassist Andrew decided to leave the band to pursue other interests. A few months after, Ted also left the band as his military career took him to Hawaii. Having grown a bit discouraged, they soldiered on. Their goal at this point was to finish recording the songs that would make up The King’s Kids debut album, hoping that it wouldn’t be the only album the band released. The boys’ prayers were answered with Frederico Dias, a punishing drummer. The native Brazilian brought an uncanny power and precision that gave their live shows a decidedly more hardcore edge while at the same time keeping the punk aesthetic intact. A few bass players went through the ranks until Lupe Gutierrez joined in the spring of 2008. Lupe brought an instant stability and steadiness that had been missing. The release of Urgency! finally occurred on June 24, 2008. The fourteen songs carry a message of truth, redemption and faith that are fit for a king. 2009 sees Frederico Dias leave the band, which opened the door for young but experienced drummer X to step in and man the kit. To be continued…

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Urgency! Full length debut album
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Posted: Monday March 09, 2009 02:02


Dee Gates
Dee Gates
Posted: Saturday August 02, 2008 09:00

Hey there! Would you do me a huge favor? Check out this band, Cheap Smokes.

They're the best punk rock band, coming out of my town of Henderson Kentucky. They really need some loyal fans and some support. Download their music, tell 'em what you think. Please & Thank you =]]

Common Enemy
Common Enemy
Posted: Tuesday July 01, 2008 04:27

Check out the new song "Just Another Enemy"
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