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The Kings Kids - "Urgency!"
The Kings Kids - "Urgency!"

The Kings Kids –“Urgency" – This CD should have just been names “Jesus Freaks On Parade”. The second you open this CD up it’s apparent that they have more of an agenda then those annoying assholes who knock on your door to talk to you about; Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior, who want to help you from having your soul burn in the eternal flames of Hell fire. As most bible thumpers The Kings Kids make sure that you know they love Jesus and shove it down your throat with every song on the album. The songs are so over the top that I would have thought this was a fucking joke CD , if well, it wasn’t so over the top. Don’t get me wrong if you’re religious and follow that stuff that’s cool, but don’t try to shove it down my throat to the point of harassment. There have been plenty of bands that rock the lord (The Huntingtons & Value Pac to name a few) that never seemed to be as pushy as The Kings Kids with their religious zealous. I mean with lyrics like; “We walk by faith, not by sight!” & “rejoice in the lord and be glad…o you righteous… give him praise from the heart…upright is beautiful….make melody to the lord..” and tons of other bullshit churchy phrases. Here’s the thing that drives me nuts about “Urgency!”, musically as a band they’re not bad at all. The vocals have a scratchy bar room feel, while the baselines are bouncy, but not overly upbeat and the guitar is distorted and sharp. Oh yeah the church of poison mind may have found a way to infiltrate the minds of the devilish punk rock community with their harpy tones of punk rock.

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