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Punk / Hardcore / Rock / Garage

LA/OC, California
United States

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Beer Friday.
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Bullet Treatment - A Reason For Violence54
Bullet Treatment - Jose Molina From West Covina46
KILLING CALIFORNIA - Dagger Practice77
Vultures United - Strung Up And Swinging51

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Our new DIGITAL STORE is open for business at you can now download releases in high quality mp3's. They're DRM free so you can do whatever in the hell you want with them after they're yours. All downloads also include artwork, and some of the releases will include bonus material. These 3 releases all include bonus material: STRENGTH BEHIND TEARS "Bridges Between Us" now also includes the video for "On Your Back Or On Your Feet". BULLET TREATMENT "What More Do You Want?" release includes live footage of "Francisco Cabrerra From Pico Rivera". BULLET TREATMENT / IT'S CASUAL split 7" includes an unreleased Bullet Treatment song "God Hates Whores".

We will also be making all of our vinyl releases available through the store very shortly and may have some extra tracks thrown in since we aren't limited to 6 minutes a side (like the aforementioned 7"). Down the road we'll' have exclusive tracks not available anywhere else on the web as well as other stuff.

VULTURES UNITED The new Vultures United cd "Dirt Hearts" is now available, you can get one of the Limited Edition Digi-Packs at or you can download it through the new Basement Records Digital Store .

Vultures have been blazing through a variety of shows with such notables as Ceremony, Paint It Black, Leatherface, Guttermouth, Dead To Me, & Cobra Skulls, just to name a few. The release will also be available through Amazon, iTunes, etc. very shortly. In the meantime for all you XM listeners make sure to request "Strung Up And Swinging" on Fungus 53. Or for all you on-liners go to the best radio on the Internet, Pandora Radio and create your own Vultures United radio station. (Feel free to add all other Basement bands).

Review of "Dirt Hearts" from AMP MAGAZINE "Every time VULTURES UNITED releases another song, it gives me a reason to not hate music. In a day and age when being the same is celebrated rather than rallied against, in a time when sounding like everyone else makes you money but robs you of self respect, VULTURES UNITED is a reminder that there is still some truly, honest, passionate people in bands. When I first heard them a few years back, going by a different, much longer name, I was blown away. It was like someone had kicked me in the gut and knocked the wind out; I was sold. Here we are, some years later, and these dudes continue to deliver the punishing hardcore punk rock like nobody else. The anger in Jordan's voice is second to none, and the intensity in the music is unmistakable. If the music doesn't make you angry, you're dead!!!" - AMP MAGAZINE

KILLING CALIFORNIA We've posted the cover art for the upcoming KC release "Bones & Sand" and also set a release date of September 16th, hands down it's the best material to date the boys have released. They will also be heading out on a short East Coast tour starting in York, PA on Aug. 27th, you'll be able to get the new cd at these upcoming shows before the street date.


Join the Basement Records Street Team @

Active Basement Bands: Vultures United, Killing California, Bullet Treatment, Strength Behind Tears, It's Casual

Past/Non Active Bands: The Nipples, Stabbed in Back, Grave For The Fireflies, Bleeder Resistor, Cut Shallow, Supreme Commander, Two Man Advantage, Mother Natures Revenge

Upcoming Shows
We have no shows we want to list at this time.
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Vultures United - Lmtd Special Edition - "Dirt Hearts" CD

Vultures United - Lmtd Special Edition - "Dirt Hearts"
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Bullet Treatment/It Other

Bullet Treatment/It's Casual Split 7"
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Bullet Treatment - The Mistake LP (Lmtd Edition Clear Vinyl) Other

Bullet Treatment - The Mistake LP (Lmtd Edition Clear Vinyl)
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Bullet Treatment - What More Do You Want? CD

Bullet Treatment - What More Do You Want?
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Killing California - Goin CD

Killing California - Goin' South
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Rich Z
Rich Z
Posted: Monday May 05, 2008 12:13

In case you missed the other weekends Basic Bowl 13 BBQ...

Hope to see you on the next one!