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Zero Faith
Punk / Thrash / Punk / Hardcore

Azusa, California
United States

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::::::::::::::::::::::::HOW IT STARTED AND WHERE IT'S GOING:::::::::::::::::::::::: So basically we've been homies for a pretty long ass time and A.J.(drums) has been in a few bands and Ron K.(guitar) has played guitar for a couple years and Nate's(vox) just kinda been there. So A.J., his lady, and Nate were chillin with Ron at his work and we just kinda decided to start a band.. Ron imediately pulled the name "kaos" out of his ass and we liked it. So on October 11, 2006 The Kaos was formed. After a few practices we got down a few songs and we're on our way. a couple weeks later, right before our first gig, we added cory(bass) to The Kaos but it didnt seem to be working out so we fired that ranker. We've already recorded a 5 song demo titled "Quit Bitchin' and Kill'em". We've played venues such as The Knitting Factory and The Whisky A Go Go. So if u want us to do a gig were always down just hit us up. Alomost A year in, vox (nate) and bass2(pacheco) took their leap and left the band. The Kaos was Aj, Ron, and Nate, we respect that since nate left the band it's not really the kaos anymore so after discussing how the band started, evolved, and became more towards what we believe in.. We have decided to change our name to ZERO FAITH. About two months of absolutely nothing, Angel joined the band in replacement for pacheco so we can take off where we left..

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ABOUT THE ORIGINAL LINE-UP::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Ron Kaos(on the axe). He's been playing for a couple years but never took it serious until now. He's 17(2007) He came up with the name "The Kaos," and for that we solute him. Ron formed a band called "Anarchy Punk Addiction" with drummer A.J. back in the day, but it never took off. A.J. Kaos(stix), has been in a few bands that never went anywhere including, The Terrible People, Burning Fetus, and Anarchy Punk Addiction. This guy is like an oldschool punk webpage and married to camera girl Rachel. He's bassically been a punk his whole life, he grew up that way after he was introduced to The Ramones, Black Flag, and Fear in elementary school.. Nate Kaos(vox) had some down ass vocals. He'd never been in a band before The Kaos but did a down ass job. He hadn't always been a punk but when in hit him it hit him hard and now he's another bum added to the collection of gutter punks through out the scene.Pacheco(bass), just picked up a bass for the first real time when he joined the band, hed hacked right away at our songs. This is his first band, but he was a lot downer than that other bassist we had, what was his name? oh yah, Cory(Flake). So now that you know us, sit down, chill it, check us out and tell us what you think..

:::::::::::::::::::BY THE WAY ANYONE READING THIS!::::::::::::::::::: The normal life of the aimless punk band is somewhere near 10 months... the time it takes for a band to lose 50% of its quality, before turning to complete shit within about (2 years). Punk rock evolution runs on a Darwinist time clock: 1. band forms. 2. band writes inspired music. 3. band records demo cd or full length album. 4. band spends rest of its collective life trying to repeat steps 2 and 3 as the days turn into months and months into years. Also, anyone reading this.. It's 2007 and many people say punk is dead. Others say punk is still dying. Still others say the story of rock and roll is nearly over. Such people have adopted the same blind pessimism that caused so many bands to burn out so quickly. Southern California used to have the downest scene in the world. Let's not try to destroy the little that's left of it by saying its dead.. and just because of click rivalries(UX6). Nobody gives a shit how cool you think you are! If you think gigs arent fun anymore thats because people like you are making it boring, and if you think punk's dead, that's because people like you are killing it. This scene is our responsibilty, instead of fucking each other up and ruining what hardcore punkrock we have left, let's fuck up the emo bitches and take back OUR fucking scene! The word "punk" first made an appearance in music journalism in a 1970 essay, "The Punk Muse: The True Story of Protopathic Spiff Including the Lowdown on the Trouble-Making Five-Percent of America's Youth" He described a music that was a "visionary expiation, a cry into the abyss of one's own mordant bullshit," its "poetry is puked, not plotted."Nowhere in there does it say cutting your rist and wearing masscara.

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