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Young And Dead
Punk / Rock / Garage

Salinas, California
United States

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A LOT, Global Threat, Anti-Flag, The Unseen, Million of Dead Cops, Aus-Rotten, Rise Against, Against Me, Dead Kennedys, The Virus.... the list goes on
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Take a Stand49
What You Can't See56
Won't Give In55
Working To Be Poor58

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It all started on a warm summer's eve in late 2005 when (old singer) Jolly Krotch and Toaster (guitarist and now guitarist/new lead singer) had this crazy idea of starting a band which plays music that comes from the heart , soul , and oppression of society . We thought it over and went through alot of name ideas . But we decided to stick with Young And Dead which is a name that expresses our views of domestic violence, propaganda, and military priority etc....

Were not trying to change the world (we aren't stupid...) we play because it's what we love and we are determined to open the the minds of blind society. Humans or now grown to ignore our surroundings and the problems that are right in front of us (through propaganda and media and etc...) that is a even bigger problem, we just sit and watch and most of us will never take action. We have been through many lows and highs not to mention line-up changes. We found a permanent bassist with crazy skills (Michael Conway) and then we went through (Ricky lead)for a few months (Trevor drums) for a month (Ross drums) for a month. Our permanent drummer (Elan) and Miguel the Mexican (lead) for a 6 months But we came back strong as a three piece and we our now we are our way too to spread our influence(And no one can stop us!) Now you know a little of our history were Young And Dead (Toaster), (Elan), (Michael).

Another middle finger to the man.

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