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A typical MohawkRadio GiveAway Weekend usually includes:
  • Announcements on the MohawkRadio Stream that your band, label or company is sponsoring the Giveaway
  • Announcements of your show, event or mention of your company and what your are about in between songs and before and after giveaways
  • Included all weekend in our Myspace bulletin blasts with just under 10,000 Friends
  • Banner and Page Ad Saturation for the weekend (you supply the artwork to our specs)
We are always looking for fun new ways to promote.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Giveaway Weekend or random contests, please contact one of us listed below:

Typical giveaway items usually are CDs, T-shirts, 7", Stickers, Posters, but we are welcome to any ideas

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MohawkRadio Is Ranked Number Two
MohawkRadio ranks number two compared to all the other so called "Punk Internet Radio Streams according to
MohawkRadio Ranks Number Two
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The Mohawk Radio Stream Rocks the Planet 24/7!

Mohawk Radio plays the sickest undiscovered bands from all over the world!

Punk, Psychobilly, Rock, Ska, New Wave, Metal, you name it, Mohawk Radio is playing it. Most bands you hear do have a PUNK influence.

All Bands! Join and add your songs to the Mohawk Radio Stream Rotation
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The MohawkRadio "First Person with 2,000 Friends" Contest
Win a Paul Bryan Original Painting!!!

The first person with 2,000 friends in their MohawkRadio "Mosh Pit" wins!

This is a Paul Bryan Jr. original painting! No joke! This thing is bad ass not to mention it is worth quite a bit of money!

10 runner ups get a bad ass MohawkRadio t-shirt!

Add people that are already on the site or use our "Invite" to invite and add new members! The Invite link is available after you have logged in to your account.

Not yet a member? Sign up now!

The Prize:

Painting of Sid Vicious by Paul Bryan Jr.
Canvas measures 30" wide x 40" tall.
MohawkRadio pays for the shipping!

When you have 2,000 friends, immediately email

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Abrasive Wheels
Abrasive Wheels
the Puppet Master
the Puppet Master
Common Enemy
Common Enemy
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