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  Band Song DLs
1. INVOLUCIÓNNatasha112
3. Fist of the North StarTitular Line105
4. 13th Annual Basic Bowl Contest & BBQSIMPLEX - Sick Society105
5. The HigginsWho The Fuck Are You?!104
6. Coffee OverloadSkynyrd Sucks104
7. Anti-SocialJust Like You102
9. SimplexSick Society101
10. GluefactoryGlue Factory - Incredible Shrinking Human Race99
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  • Haggard Wulf - Mourningside LP - by Mymusicroks

  • Haggard Wulf - Mourningside LP Haggard Wulf are a 2-piece band from Morgantown, West Virginia and before you ask how can a punk band rock out with only two members, well, they're a mix of rockabilly and blues with a punk punch.... more
      - Posted 9 years ago -
  • Gay Black Republican - Capitol Wave - by Mymusicroks

  • Gay Black Republican - Capitol WaveNow I have to admit, at first I didn't know what to expect, but i've done some research on these guys and there's more to Gay Black Republican than just the flashy, attractive name you'd expect to... more
      - Posted 9 years ago -
  • The Dirty Nuns - Take Control - by Hawkeye

  • The Dirty Nuns - Take ControlI recently had the pleasure of seeing the Dirty Nuns rock out at a basement show here in Ottawa (and actually got to see their entire set for once!), and picked up their album called Take... more
      - Posted 15 years ago -
  • Void - by unknown pleasures

  • VoidAs was written in the classic book “American Hardcore”, Void is one of those bands you either love or hate. No middle ground. Now, I’m well aware that Void is an old band, circa 1983 or so. ... more
      - Posted 15 years ago -
  • For.The.Win. – “The Black & The Blue” - by Jonny Taint

  • For.The.Win. – “The Black & The Blue”For.The.Win. – “The Black & The Blue” Do you like hard hitting throaty punk rock with melodic gang vocals that DOES NOT come off sounding like frat rock? While the music is fast and furious, it... more
      - Posted 15 years ago -
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