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From BAND:
The Disadvantaged
The Disadvantaged
Posted: Thursday February 19, 2009 04:21

Yo dude, hows things?
Sorry, just abit of mindless promotion.

We're a Punk/SKA/Rap band,
we just finished recording our FREE 6 track EP.
If your keen to download it, just follow the link!!



Music should be free!!
Cheers n beers

Posted: Sunday December 21, 2008 03:56

Hey thanks for adding us. Check out our video when you get the chance. If you like it you can check out our other video for our song "I Don't Like You" on mysace tv.

From BAND:
Common Enemy
Common Enemy
Posted: Thursday December 11, 2008 10:49

Check out the new song "Just Another Enemy"
If you want to hear more click on the banner above to go to our myspace page!


From BAND:
The Castro Zombies & The Mutant Phlegm
The Castro Zombies & The Mutant Phlegm
Posted: Sunday September 21, 2008 10:35

Now is available new remix of "Bathroom Girl" (demo versiĆ³n, rehearsal at the gravity) If you want could download and hear, I hope that you like it.

Posted: Saturday May 17, 2008 06:16

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