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Zero Motivation - "DEMO"
Zero Motivation - "DEMO"

Zero Motivation - "DEMO" - Raw, stripped down, sandpaper vocals, with hypnotizing lead riffs and hooks. There is an obvious influence of Rancid, Lars Frederickson & Agent Orange with the energy and raw power that Zero Motivation blasts in your face with wreckless abandonment. Okay, so it's pissed off, speedy, revved-up punk with the bit of blue collar unity thrown in. The thing I liked most about these guys was that they sent me an email asking for my opinion of their music, but specifically wanted me to know they weren't looking for a review, just an opinion to provide them non bias feedback if they're going in the right direction. I figured with an approach like that if I liked them I would publish the review, but if I disliked them I would just write "Zero Motivation" back with my true feelings. So not only is their music going in the right direction and bound to start a few bar room rumbles, but their whole approach is going in the right direction to be an impactful band.

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