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Austin / Houston, Texas
United States

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the Clash, Blitz, Stiff Little Fingers, Billy Bragg, the Ramones, reggae music, politics, friends, beer and life as its handed to you.
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a shot rang out42
falling down36
future is ours33
the match23

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Reviews: ****MAXIMUMROCKNROLL review of 'They Think They Can Knock Us Down...' LP - "Great fucking shit from these Austin, Texas punx -- it calls to mind the great first Swingin' Utters, Rancid, and Wasted LP's. Totally rocking and catchy songs, with a great multi-layered vocal attack that just pushes it over th edge when combined with the massive production on this disc. Thumbs Up!" by Mike Thorn

****MAXIMUMROCKNROLL review of 'coming thru the airwaves' 7 inch - "A tuneful mix-up of pissed Rodent Popsicle-style Boston Punk and middle career Swingin' Utters. Maybe even a down to earth versions of the good Rancid songs....the choruses kick down the doors with anthematic fun. Fun....I seem to vaguely remember that." by Tom Hopkins

****review of BLACK STAR BRIGADE. They think they can knock us down CD " Some of the best streetpunk we've ever heard, straight outta Texas, 14 tracks that grab you by the throat, aggressive yet with melody, Do yourself a favour and pick this up, you won't regret it!!" by (from Belgium)

****review of BLACK STAR BRIGADE. They think they can knock us down CD Smashing first album from these Texas hooligans bringing to mind the great early The Forgotten, Swingin’ Utters and Rancid releases. 14 anthems of totally catchy & rocking Streetpunk!! by (from Belgium)

****HIT LIST magazine review of 'coming thru the airwaves' 7 inch - " When does their TKO full length come out? This is great upbeat yet catchy street punk with a Dropkick Murphys or Rancid feel to it and a cool dirty production. Five songs to wet your whistle to." by Brett Matthews

History: Black Star Brigade formed at the turn of the century in Austin, TX with three long time friends who were seperated after their last band together in Houston,TX broke up. So in 2001 Jason, Zac and Tommy met up and found one new soul to take on bass duties and Black Star Brigade was formed. Jason - vocals/guitar Zac - guitar/vocals Tommy - drums Dave - bass

Five years later and a few line up changes BSB called it quits. In their short time they shared the stage with many bands, made a lot of friends, drank plenty of beer and gave their all every single time they hit the stage.

Additional members: JJ Pistols - guitar (replaced Zac) AJ Ruin - guitar (replaced JJ) Jack - drums (replaced Tommy)

Other bands we have been apart of (before and after): Steadfast, World Burns To Death, Bricks ATX, Complete Control, the Bulemics, Kegcharge, Last Years Youth(Houston,TX), los Deskonicidos, Krumbums, the Groms.

We were lucky to share the stage with many great bands, here are just a few: Born To Lose, Rancid, Blitz, Youth Brigade, the GC5, Hudson Falcons, the Distillers, the Unseen, Krumbums, Lower Class Brats, the Forgotten, the Misfits, the Briefs, Complete Control, Sixer, Ann Beretta, Far From Finished, the Briggs, the Street Dogs, Roger Miret and the Disasters, 7 Seconds, Riverboat Gamblers, Misfits, the Donnas, Groovie Ghoulies, the Casualties, Exploited, UK Subs, Total Chaos and hundreds more.

Thanks for the good times!

album available thru

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Common Enemy
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Posted: Saturday May 23, 2009 08:17

What's up BSB crew!

Here's Bruno Luiz from Brazil!

Great songs here, keep the beat!

Cheers & beers from Brazil!

The Bull Honkys
The Bull Honkys
Posted: Monday March 23, 2009 06:44

voice of the 21st Century! Radical!
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Just Effin' Eric
Just Effin
Posted: Monday March 23, 2009 06:29

Cheers for the add!

Common Enemy
Common Enemy
Posted: Thursday March 19, 2009 05:18

killer jams

Check out the new song "Just Another Enemy"
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