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My Doll
Punk / Rock

Phoenix, Arizona
United States

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Coors Light, Blitz, Pissing off your teachers, bar fights with 40 year old sluts, hot boys with tattoos
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My Doll - Code Blue (TSOL) Cover 175
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Sadly, all-female bands still have to endure hearing the comparison to male musicians, when it has been proven time and time again that there really is no dividing line due to gender - a good player is a good player, period. Arizonas all girl trio My Doll, who fully embrace and perpetuate the D.I.Y. punk-rock ethic, is another testament to that truth. This 13-song release is nothing but an effort in punk rock destruction - of your senses. Relentless, at times very fast, always forceful and in-your-face - no matter where you turn, you cant get away from the recordings brutal beauty. Singer Drea Doll shreds on guitar while showing the range of her vocal abilities as B. MyDoll and Rudy? Are frenetic on bass and drums, respectively. Punk Perfection. - Amy Young, Zia Zine

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Just Effin' Eric
Just Effin
Posted: Thursday April 16, 2009 05:09

Cheers for the add!

when are you playin' Miami?!?

3 Kisses
3 Kisses
Posted: Wednesday April 30, 2008 11:25

Great stuff you guys! Keep it up. Thanks for being our friend...come check out our profile and give us some feedback plz :)