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Middle Class Trash - "Self Titled"
Middle Class Trash - "Self Titled"

Who needs coffee, red bull or speed when you have this self titled CD from Middle Class Trash? There is an over used phrase which has become a cliché due to its presence in hundreds of reviews, articles and school boy references; "Punk As Fuck". However, in the case of Middle Class Trash, not only does this phrase apply, it is virtually the only way to adequately describe the anger, power, and full-on raging hardcore contained on this spinning disc of political charged harmony. This CD is blasting old-school NYHC style for new-school punks who missed it the first time. Pretty soon, everyone's going to have a Middle Class Trash patch safety-pinned to his or her army jackets and be slam dancing in a huge angry circle. Listening to this album will cause you to use the word "fuck" at least twice per sentence, and will make you want to start a full-scale riot.

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